Who needs QRLifeCare?

Workplace Accidents

Many types of workplace incidents can lead to serious injury. Business owners should follow proper safety standards so that their employees are not at risk. But sometimes, even the most careful people face unexpected emergencies or accidents. It is better to be prepared for an accident than to be caught unawares.

Register for the hybrid-emergency communication system QRLifeCare so that you can be prepared for any kind of emergency.

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Do you love going on adventures in far-off places? Or does your job have you constantly traveling? Being away from home can be equally thrilling and scary. What happens if you get into an accident?

QRLifeCare allows you to have all your relevant information available at a click without any delays. Save your medical history, emergency contact, and have a safety net of up to Rs. 1,00,000 to cover immediate medical expenses.

Medical history

In case of an emergency, your doctor will need access to your medical history so that they can plan the proper care for you. People with pre-existing conditions must carry vital medical information with them at all times. You never know what detail might just save your life. QRLifeCare provides a platform to save all the information like:
  • regular medicines
  • surgeries
  • implants
  • allergies

Sports person

Life would be so dull without games and sports. Although there is always a risk of injury and unexpected circumstances. With QRLifeCare, you can keep the worries at home while you indulge in your favorite sport. Simply stick your unique QRLifeCare code on your helmet or get our beautifully designed wristband for added security.

Elderly People

It is not the years in your life that count but the life in your years that make growing old an incredible journey. Yes, our physical bodies may need extra care, but that does not mean one should stop living. Go out and enjoy your life. QRLifeCare has got you covered.

QRLifeCare provides geo-tracking and information to your emergency contact along with vital medical information to first responders.

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hybrid emergency communication system

Your Medical information and emergency contacts available 24/7.

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