How to Use QRLifeCare

QRlifecare takes care of you when you can’t.
1. Sign Up
Sign Up
Register your emergency contact with QRlifecare. All you need is a photo and an updated phone number. It is simple, quick, and can save your life. Legal guardians can register their wards with the same simple step. It only takes a moment and might just save your life.
2. Code
Get Your Code
Once you register with us, we create your profile and provide you with a personal code number. Keep it updated, and we will have your back forever. You can wear your code with our aesthetic designs that look cool and make you feel secure.
3. Wear
Wear Your Code

You can attach the keycard to your car or home keys. Use our stickers on your bike helmet, mobile phone cover, car, and always carry one in your wallet.

  1. Stick your QRLifeCare helmet sticker on the rear side of your helmet.
  2. Stick your QRLifeCare bike/scooter sticker on the rear side of your vehicle, preferably below the rear registration number plate.
  3. Make sure to wear the QRLifeCare bracelet whenever you leave the house.

Only takes a moment and might save your life.

QRLifeCare makes it easy to manage multiple medical profiles under a single account. Great for those living with diabetes, autism, & other medical conditions.

How QRLifeCare Works during emergency


First responder scans for the unique qr code of the victim.


QRLifeCare quick scan triggers alert from QRLifeCare platform

Trigger alert from QRLifeCare platform in just


Nearest Resource

Nearest Ambulance and Hospital will be informed about the victim

Emergency Contact

Emergency contact will be informed about the location and details of first responder

hybrid emergency communication system

Your Medical information and emergency contacts available 24/7.

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