Frequently Asked Questions

What is the validity of my QRLifeCare plan?
Your QRLifeCare plan is valid for two years from the date of purchase. For example, if you are buying on 19th Sep 2021, you’ll get regular updates to QRLifeCare until 18th Sep 2023. To receive updates after that, you will need to renew your license.
Does the QRLifeCare kit work with multiple users?
No. Each kit is valid for a single user as the kit has your medical information and emergency contacts which are unique to you.
How can I pay for my QRLifeCare kit?
We accept payments through Razorpay, which is compatible with all major credit cards and debit cards.
Can I sign up my whole family for the QRLifeCare emergency kit?
Yes, you may create multiple profiles under your QRLifecare Card account for all of your family members. If possible, allow competent adults capable of creating and managing an account to have their account and profile separate from yours. Even if the accounts are individual, someone can still grant you access to manage or view their account at will. The cost is the same as each profile has to have its subscription to QRLifecare Card for the associated QRLifecare Cards to be usable.
Can I sign up a family member without signing up myself?
Yes, you may create multiple profiles under the QRLifecare kit for any/all of your family members.
What Medicines should I list?
If you take a medicine prescribed by a doctor to be consumed regularly, such as Warafin for anticoagulant, then list that. You don’t need to list multi-vitamins, fish oil capsules, or calcium tablets that you purchase at a drugstore.
What type of medical information should I enter?
Your QRLifeCare Card record is designed to help paramedics properly treat you in an emergency, so you should include any information you tell your doctor. Medications, allergies, medical conditions, immunizations, and past surgeries must be included.
Which doctor(s) should I add?
If you see a specialist regularly who would have detailed information on your health history, please add their name and phone number. You must add your primary care physician. A hospital would use these contacts to request your medical record or to alert the physician that you are receiving emergency care. You can also encourage your trusted doctors to sign up for QRLifecare Card and share only your profile details with your physicians.
Should I list my over-the-counter (OTC) medications?
The medications section is for medications you regularly take, essentially those prescribed by your doctor. If you take daily aspirin, you should include it. If you take an occasional Advil® for muscle pain, you can leave that out.
I have received multiple sticker sheets - I'm confused about which belongs to each family member?

Write the name of each family member on their sticker sheet in the assigned location. If you have lost track of which sticker sheet belongs to each person, log in to your account on, where you can see the 10-character QRLifeCare Card code for each of your family members. That 10-character code is printed on every QRLifeCare Card; review your sticker sheets to find the match.

Is QRLifeCare Card secure?
Yes, QRLifeCare Card is fully secured with 128-Bit Encryption on secured servers and uses the same robust security technology many reputed organizations use. You can read more about our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.
Who has access to my QRLifeCare data?
Only you and your assigned contacts, vetted medical professionals, can access your QRLifeCare Card record. You can access your QRLifeCare Card record at any time by logging into your account. ONLY Certified medical professionals can access your medical history for a short period by scanning your QRLifeCare Card when the need arises.

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