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What is an emergency contact?

Your emergency contact is the first person the first responders will call if ever you are in a medical emergency- car accidents, fire, heart attack, etc. this person should know your medical history and must be able to guide your doctor in case you are unconscious and cannot answer for yourself. 

How do you find the best emergency contact? Here are a few tips by QRLifeCare. The QRLifeCare kit provides an easy way to access, store, and manage your medical records. 

  • They are up for the job. You may not think about the importance of an emergency contact, but they have a big job to do. Your emergency contact must be able to make difficult decisions when you cannot make them for yourself. In an emergency, they must be level-headed to provide all the required documentation and medical history to your attending doctor. You may have to discuss life and death matters with your EC. Sometimes loved ones may not be ready to have the conversation. 
  • They should be available. You must find someone who is a reliable contact. They must answer their calls or reply to texts. They should be able to give medical information. 
  • They understand and respect your wishes. Your emergency contact will have the power to make medical decisions on your behalf if you cannot. They should know what treatments and invasive life-saving procedures you wish to allow. 

Make QRLifeCare your emergency network.

The QRlifecare encrypts your medical data and enables first responders to access life-saving data within 15 seconds. They can call your family and friends in case of an emergency, saving precious time when it matters!

  • India’s one of the Emergency Response Communication Platform
  • Mobile App Independent
  • Only Emergency ID that works both with and without a smartphone and with and without internet
  • Integrated Ambulance network in 50+ cities

Register here: https://qrlifecare.com/  

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