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Importance of First-responders during a medical emergency

The first responder is the first person to arrive at an emergency or accident scene. Police officers, paramedics, firefighters, and emergency personnel are usually the first to report to the location. They help the injured and arrange for medical care. They are real-life superheroes! 

A certified first-responder undergoes training so that they can provide efficient medical care to the injured. First responders are responsible for pre-hospital care and ensure that the victim is taken to a nearby hospital as soon as possible. 

A first responder must be effectively trained to handle various emergencies such as accidents, natural disasters, medical emergencies, or terrorist attacks. The first responder should be mentally and physically fit to take on the pressures of this profession. 

India has been largely unorganised regarding emergency response and medical services. The congested roads, lack of internet connectivity, and lack of training have resulted in the country having the highest fatalities due to accidents. 

QRLifeCare is the first hybrid emergency communication system built for India. You can register on the system and have all your medical records in one place. Easy access to medical data such as Medical history, Emergency Contact Numbers, Personal info relevant to medical care, and emergency funds can save precious time and enable your doctor to treat you quickly and efficiently. 
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