Emergency services

Importance of emergency care

The first 60 mins after a traumatic event are crucial for the injured. According to medical experts, if proper care is given within the golden hour, the patient has better chances of survival and fewer post-operative issues. In 1975, R.Adams Cowley, the Shock Trauma institute founder, coined the term ‘the golden hour. The theory behind the concept is yet to be proven, but it brings to attention immediate medical care. 

Death by accident is one of the leading causes of mortality in India, a country lacking emergency medical services. The congested roads, bad internet connectivity, and lack of medical records lead to delayed treatment, and most trauma patients in India miss the golden hour for treatment. 

Accidents are a part of human life, and one can only be careful to an extent. Preparing for an emergency can act as your safety net and ensure you get the best possible medical treatment when needed—introducing a hybrid emergency communication system that enables first responders to contact family and friends: QRLifeCare

  • In an emergency, your doctor can access medical information that could save your life
  • The QRlifecare process is simple and works quickly and efficiently to save time
  • Once you complete the registration process, we will send you an automation number for authentication
  • You will receive a unique QRlifecare code that can be used as stickers for your vehicles, a keycard, a fancy bracelet, and more

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hybrid emergency communication system

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