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Emergency care during the festive season

Ganesh Chaturthi begins this year on the 31st of August, followed by Navratri, Diwali, and New Years’ celebrations. Firecrackers have been a big part of many festive celebrations in India. We all have fond memories of gathering with our friends on Diwali to light up the sky with rockets and burst all sorts of assorted firecrackers. We also have not-so-great memories of getting burned or injured due to faulty fireworks or freak accidents involving firecrackers. 

Small fireworks and sparkles can cause injuries and burn marks. Imagine your child’s hand when a sparkler heats up so much that it can melt metal. Firecrackers are not suitable for the environment or our health. Enjoy professional firework displays from a distance and find more sustainable ways to enjoy the festive season! 

Three firework-related injuries to beware of:-

  • Burns: Hand injuries and burnt fingers are the most common injuries caused by firecrackers. Do not let children handle firecrackers, and never pick a firecracker that has not gone off. Keep water close by and always contact emergency services if the burns are severe (skin will become leathery, and you may have blisters) 
  • Eye injury: firecrackers are very dangerous. They can blast particles in the air and result in complete vision loss. Stand a minimum of 500 feet away and wear protective eyewear. Do not attempt to treat eye injuries. Call emergency services immediately. 
  • Hearing loss: loud firecrackers can cause a ringing in the ears or result in extreme pain. You can also get permanent hearing loss from firecrackers louder than 80 decibels. 

What to do in case of an emergency

There is a severe lack of emergency services in India coupled with a lack of infrastructure and information. The scenario is even worse during the festive seasons because many people are on vacation. There is immense traffic on the roads, which may delay timely medical intervention. 

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