QRLifeCare is the first hybrid emergency response communication interface in India. It enables first responders to contact family and friends. Register yourself and family members on the QRLifeCare emergency communication system today! Fast Our QrLifeCare triggers alert in as fast as 15 seconds Safe Only your trusted contacts will access your Medical records Secure QRLifeCare […]

A doctor can save your life someday, but their importance goes way beyond that. They study the human body for years and dedicate their lives to medicine, enabling doctors to help patients minimize their pain, help with recovery, or help you manage any chronic illnesses. Doctors are also crucial to preventive medicine, pandemic crises, educating […]

Medical records can tell your doctor a lot about your health and history with treatment. This allows the physician to make better decisions regarding your health. A medical record must consist of the patient’s medications, past and present, pre and postoperative care, and patient progress. Many people rely on their primary physician for such information, […]

hybrid emergency communication system

Your Medical information and emergency contacts available 24/7.

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